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JLM Petrol Catalytic Converter Cleaner 250ml Pro

€ 13,76


JLM Petrol Catalytic Exhaust Converter Cleaner 250ml Pro contains a unique blend of additives including an octane booster and powerful cleaning additives that combine to give a deep and thorough clean of the entire fuel and exhaust system on petrol engines.



How to use:

Suitable for all petrol engines with (or without) catalytic converter. Instructions: Pour the contents of the bottle into the petrol tank before filling the tank with petrol. For best results, carry out a test drive for some time at medium revs. For rapid results (e.g. for the MOT test), the product can be added to a small amount of petrol, 20 to 30 litres. For best results, allow the engine to run for at least 20 - 30 minutes at 2000 - 3000 rpm.

Dosage: One bottle is enough for 40 - 60 litres of petrol. For best results, use one bottle every 3000 miles.

Preventative Maintenance: Using JLM Petrol Catalytic Exhaust System Cleaner on a regular basis (approximately every 5000 miles) will help to maintain the fuel and exhaust system in good condition. This generally improves efficiency and performance and helps helps to prevent unnecessary and costly mechanical failures.